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Application PDFs:
  • Aerobic Digesters (pdf)
  • Anoxic Mixing (pdf)
  • Lagoons (pdf)
  • Orbals (pdf)
  • Oxidation Ditches (pdf)

    Case Histories
  • Case Histories (pdf)

  • Performance (pdf)

    Airoflo's unique cupped shaped blades and aggressive rotor design transfers oxygen below and above the water surface increasing O2 efficiency. With a direct pumping rate of 2100 gpm/Hp, it is a highly effective mixer for both deep and shallow basins. Horizontal mixing produces a large area of influence reaching corners and sides. Short circuiting can be eliminated.

    Design Application Worksheets Online Form or PDF Format:
  • Aerated Lagoon Worksheet Online Form | PDF
  • Oxidation Ditch Worksheet Online Form | PDF
  • Aerobic Digester Worksheet Online Form | PDF

    Reducing Energy Costs
  • Texas Water Conference 2001 (108 kbytes)
  • Enhancing the Performance of Oxidation Ditches 2003 (66 kbytes)
  • Hess Collection (Winery) WWT Paper (100 kbytes)

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