Airoflo NR'G MI$ER System

The Airoflo NR'G MI$ER System can be applied to the following appliations: 1. Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 2. Anoxic-Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 3. EQ Basin.

Each NR'G MI$ER System combines the Airoflo Brush Rotor, PLC Based Controls, with additional monitoring options (Optic DO Probes, Temperature with VFD's, Wind with VFD's, and Level Devices).

Dr. Larry Moore

Dr. Larry Moore has been affiliated with S&N Airoflo since 2000. We are very lucky to have Larry‘s support and expertise. He provides our design recommendations and supports our customers if there is a need. His openness to contact with many operators, engineers, associations & regulatory agencies keeps Larry very sharp and tied into the real world problems & solutions associated with the wastewater industry.

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