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S&N Airoflo Inc. has combined a unique blade shape and aggressive blade configuration with a floating platform while utilizing a drive assembly that has been continuously improved since 1989. The result of these combinations has created a piece of equipment that is efficient and provides predictable wastewater treatment.

The equipment design calls for less maintenance based on a simple preventative maintenance program which requires inspections not repairs. S&N Airoflo's horizontal brush rotors are easy to install and are contractor friendly. S&N Airoflo equipment can be bank installed for lagoon applications. S&N Airoflo has also developed EZ-Access systems for oxidation ditch applications.

Mechanical / Component Features
1. Continuous, Corrosive-Duty Horizontal Floating Brush Rotor
2. 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 HP available.
3. Rotor

  • Unique blade design and specific frequency of the S&N spiral provides a smooth & efficient transfer of energy from the rotor to the water
  • Modified C shaped blade forms a deep cup to increase pumping capacity & oxygen transfer
  • All blades are welded to torque tube
  • Both tail & drive shaft assemblies utilize a heavy fabricated hub into which the shaft is shrink fitted.

4. Operation

  • Rotor blades are set at a optimum depth for Oxygen Transfer and Mixing
  • Motor operated at 90% of full motor load at optimum setting

5. Motor

  • TEFC inverter duty
  • NEMA premium duty
  • 60hz or 50hz as required

6. Gear Reducer & Drive Assembly

  • AGMA Class III or Class II gear reducer, depending on model.
  • Special Aramid, double-grooved, banded belt design (since 1987).
  • Direct drive designs.

7. Materials of Construction

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel hot dipped to ASTM specification A123/A after fabrication

8. Main Frame

  • Frame connections and service platforms are welded for greater strength
  • Finite structural analysis provided including live, dead and wind loads

9. Bearing Assembly

  • Maintenance free rotor bearings
  • UHMW bearing with bronze wear sleeve and carbon wear indicator
  • Years of service with out maintenance
  • No catastrophic bearing failures to cause collateral damage to the shaft or rotor

10. Floatation Devices

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel or 5052 marine quality aluminum available
  • Internal baffles for strength
  • Internal foam to prevent sinking from accidental damage

11. Cradle Frames & Adjusting Linkage

  • Attaches floatation devices to main frame
  • Changes operating depth of rotor blades
  • Levels aerator to anchoring system
  • Allows for adjustments in water depth and amperage draw
  • Cradle frames

12. Easy Installation (click for photo details)

  • Fit virtually any ditch or basin installation without expensive construction modifications
    • Attach floatation devices
    • Anchor in place
    • Set operating depth
    • Connect electrical controls

13. Electrical

  • Control panel assemblies, disconnects and junction boxes
  • SMC Soft Starts


14. Available Tests

  • Certified A.S.C.E. Oxygen Transfer Tests, including largest unit
  • Certified Finite Structural Analysis Test, including live, dead and wind loads
  • Certified Rotor Vibration Test

Optional Design Features                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Cold Weather Applications

S&N Airoflo now offers Splash Containment Shields (SCS) on its floating brush aerators, specifically designed to contain the rotor splash, and to limit ice buildup on the ends of the frame, float tanks and motor and gear housing cover. This allows 24-7 operation of the aerator equipment even in extreme northern climates.

We have also developed rotor covers for our aerators that will eliminate aerosol mist dispersal and also retain heat, and these covers are now in production. View more detailed video clips of the cold weather shields and aerator cover under our movie gallery section, or contact us today for more detailed information about these features. (click photo for details)

  • Extended Vertical Shields (EVS)

EZ Access:

S&N Airoflo also offers a variety of "EZ-ACCESS" features, including access bridges and walkways, extended work platforms, bolt-on steps, quick hitches for fast and easy unit retrieval, and safety harness attachment posts. These features are available in any combination on new aerators, and can also be retrofitted to existing S&N aerators. Contact us for additional information.