Dr. Larry Moore

Dr. Larry Moore has been affiliated with S&N Airoflo since 2000. We are very lucky to have Larry‘s support and expertise. He provides our design recommendations and supports our customers if there is a need. His openness to contact with many operators, engineers, associations & regulatory agencies keeps Larry very sharp and tied into the real world problems & solutions associated with the wastewater industry.
Larry's recent work in several south eastern states as supported by state and federal agencies exhibits his pro-active position on saving energy associated with the operation of wastewater treatment plants. His expertise helped us develop our Nr'G Mi$er Systems…see the brochures in this section.

On Tuesday, July the 10th, Dr. Moore will receive The 2018 Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Lifetime Achievement - Professional Award as nominated by his University of Memphis Department Head of Civil Engineering, Dr. Shahram Pezeshk.


Dr. Moore Info and Achievements