Aerobic Digesters

Aerobic Digesters 

S&N Airoflo products have been utilized in all types of wastewater applications including Activated Sludge Basins, Oxidation Ditches, Aerobic Digesters, EQ Basins as well as Lagoons. 

Aerobic Digesters

Activated Sludge Basins

Oxidation Ditches

Cold Weather Applications

Quick and Simple Installation
All in a matter of hours, not days

Aerobic Digester Upgrade for Eden, NC - Installed May, 2004



• 2.0 mil gal
• 4 to 5% Solids
• 15' Deep
• Textile waste contributes to the dark color

The original design recommendation called for 2 more units. Budget restraints held the purchase to 4 units with a pledge to buy more. To date, there has not been a need for more.

Replaced With
Vertical Splashers
S&N Airoflo Rotors
145 HP
80 HP
D.O. 0.0 mg/l
D.O. 1.0 mg/l
1/3 Never Mixed
90 - 95% Mixed
2-3 Days Decant
20-24 Hours Decant


Replacement of Orbal Rotors in Aerobic Digester

Improved Mixing and Oxygen Levels With Less Energy


Power Savings
• Existing 50 HP Orbal rotor system in the digester
• Replaced with two 15 HP rotors (one unit in 2000, another unit in 2002)