Airoflo NR'G MI$ER System

The Airoflo NR'G MI$ER System can be applied to the following appliations: 1. Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 2. Anoxic-Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 3. EQ Basin.

Each NR'G MI$ER System combines the Airoflo Brush Rotor, PLC Based Controls, with additional monitoring options (Optic DO Probes, Temperature with VFD's, Wind with VFD's, and Level Devices).

Benefits of the NR'G MI$ER Systems Include: Energy Savings, Process Automation with Operator Workload Reduction, Longer Equipment LIfe Cycle, Reduction in Maintenance Cost and Labor, Alkalinity Recovery with Denitrification, Optional Remote Site Monitoring, and Treatment Improvement.