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The Airoflo NR'G MI$ER System can be applied to the following appliations: 1. Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 2. Anoxic-Aerobic Oxidation Ditch 3. EQ Basin.

Dr. Larry Moore has been affiliated with S&N Airoflo since 2000. We are very lucky to have Larry‘s support and expertise. He provides our design

Our 2200 Series aerator features an economical design with an in-line drive system. It is ideal for tight fits such as narrow ditch channels but performs

The 2200 and 1600 Series both feature S&N's new in-line drive system. The differences come from the make up of the frame. The 2200 features a more

One of our key components with our aerators is our wastewater lubricated bearing. There is virtually no maintenance involved due to the bearing not needing